Saturday, January 5, 2008

Yule Blessings

What a wonder winter can be here in the Northeast. The temperature has been down to zero on some days. I am heating my house with wood with oil as a backup system. For Yule I have cut a tree down from my backyard and decorated it with small lights and many years worth of ornaments. My favorite this year is a small pale pink doe that is stretching her neck up so that her head points straight up. She has roses painted on her side and is very sweet looking. This holiday season I have been working at the Fiber Arts Center in Amherst Massachusetts. What an incredible place! Every day I am there I stand in awe of the artists who the Gallery and shop represent. There is so much creativity here in the Pioneer Valley. The staff and customers are some of the sweetest folks you will ever meet. As I dance among the snow and ice here in the wonder-full north I send you all blessings and tidings of joy. May peace guide you and love find you!

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