Sunday, February 3, 2008

Imbolc 2008

This week marks Imbolc in the Celtic Wheel of the Year. The moon wanes into what I call the cup until it begins to wax again on Februaru 4th. Signs of Spring are all around. The Basket Willow growing in the western edge of this Hedgerow Farm has been pruned to the ground. The cut branches are sprouting Pussy Toes and tonight I will hand them out to those who come to share Kirtan with us in Northampton. I will also bring Pub Biscuits for Prasad and as we chant the 'Prasad' as it's called will be infused with the energy of the chanting. I have just been invited to lead the responders for Dave Russell's band The Bhakti Shakti Express. We chant for two hours interspersed with Dave telling short and sweet stories of his journey to devotion. Kirtan is a path of devotion, we chant together then share prasad together and journey together on the path of the Heart. Bhakti is a sanskrit word meaning devotion anad shakti means divine energy. So we are chanting to divine energy, divine energy in the Hindu Dieties whos names we sing and chant to the divinity in each one of us. Jai Bhakti Shakti Express!!

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