Friday, August 1, 2008


Today is August 1st, and is known as Lammas. It is the ninth moon and there is a total solar eclipse. Known by the Celts as Lugnasad, this is the feast of first fruits. While we've been harvesting stuff for some time now in the Northeast US, this is the time when things really begin to be harvested. The Berry harvest this year has been bountiful and it looks like there will be lots of tree fruits too. My vegetable garden is a bit pitiful this year, so I am very grateful for the local farmers who have farm stands and for the local Farmers Markets. My favourite for the past few years has been the mixed greens from Old Friends Farm. They vend at the Amherst Farmers Market. I like greens overall, but I think their mix is especially good. They are master flower growers and usually have corn and their wonderful greens.
I have posted a picture of a Female Mole Salamander that was discovered in the yard today.
I have started sculpting again. Will post pictures soon.

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